The history

of the Land-Gasthof Adler


As early as the middle of the 1 Sth century, Christiane Schäfer founded a so called „Spezereigeschäft“,
which is kind of corner shop. in which open goods of all kinds, such as Tobacco, flour, sugar, chocolate,
soap, bottled beers and morewas sold. At the end of the 18th century Marie Schäfer converted the
„Spezereigeschäft“ to the Gasthaus Adler.

During this time, the first secondary room (hall) was creat:ed in addition to the dining room. This room
was used as a gymnasium, community and clubhall during the next 30 years, in which the citizens of
Sickenhausen held their events. Wilhelm Schäfer took over the inn in 1925 and renovated it after the
war in 1953. The inn retained its external appearance until the end ofthe 1960s. With the takeover by
Martin and Annemarie Schäfer in 1972, this changed completely. The dining room, the hall and the
kitchen were expanded in several stages.

This was followed by the first three guest rooms and the bowling alley. A good middle·dass restaurant
was created. Several modifications followed until1985. The guest hause was built where there used to
be a barn and a stablet The existing guest rooms were expanded and apartments were built on the
ancillary house on 2000. Wlth Tim and Yvonne Schafer on charge since 2003, the fifth generatJon of the
family conbnues the tradition and the sense of duty towards the guests in the Landgasthof Adler. The
first renovatoon on 2004 (hall).

The Landgasthof and the restaurant were renovated in 2010.

2017 Demolition of the appartement and new construction of the Hotel Schäfer’s.

Thank you for your visit and your trust
Your family Schäfer