AGB – Events

General terms and conditions for events in the hotel & restaurant
Land Gasthof Adler Sickenhausen

Scope (as of September 2010)
l. These terms and conditions apply to contracts for the rental of
conference, banquet and event rooms for holding events such as
banquets, conferences etc. as well as for the related additional services and
deliveries from the Hotel-Restaurant Land Gasthof Adler.
2. These terms and conditions of the organizer are only applicable if this was expressly agreed in writing.
3. The subletting and reletting of the rooms provided and the placement of advertisements/invitation for interviews, sale or similar events are required
the prior written consent of the hotel / restaurant.

Conclusion of contract/transfer to third parties
1. The contract is deemed concluded by acceptance/confirmation of the hotel to the organizer
and its written reconfirmation. These are the contractual partners.
2. The subletting or other provision of the rooms made available to
third parties require the prior written consent of the hotel.
3. The customer/the organizer is responsible for compliance
public law requirements and other regulations and has to get the necessary official permits at its own expense. The levy for the event to third parties, in particular GEMA fees etc., needs to be paid for by the customer / organizer directly to the creditor.

Services, prices
1. The hotel undertakes to provide the services ordered and promised by the hotel.
2. The organizer is obliged to pay the prices agreed for these services. This also applies to services and expenses of the hotel in connection with the event to third parties.
3. The agreed prices include the respective statutory value added tax.
VAT changes on the part of the legislator are included in the calculation.
4. If the period between the conclusion of the contract and the event exceeds 6 months and
if the hotel increases prices during this period, the contractually agreed price can be increased accordingly.
5. If the organizer makes reorders with the hotel’s consent, these are
no longer tied to the original prices and require a new offer.